Truncated Icosahedron

This is a pattern for making a paper truncated icosahedron. A truncated icosahedron is the shape of a soccer ball.



Memo Line

The Truncated Icosahedron is one of the more complex polyhedra on this site. It is also the one of the most difficult to assemble.

To create the Truncated Icosahedron, you will need the pattern on page 1 and half of the pentagons on page 2 of the Truncated Icosahedron worksheet. Print one copy of page 1 for each student, and half as many copies of page 2. Print them on card stock. The paper should be stiff, but not too thick. The two pages can be printed on different colors of paper to create a more visually appealing Truncated Icosahedron that will resemble a soccer ball.

Follow these directions for constructing polyhedra.

Extra care should be taken as the Truncated Icosahedron takes shape. It will become more and more difficult to glue in the pentagons as you go. Tabs for the last three pentagons should be glued in before the last hexagon is glued in place.

A greater selection of polyhedron patterns can be made from Stella: The Polyhedron Navigator.