Tetrahedron 5-Compound

This is a pattern for making a paper Tetrahedron 5-Compound. A Tetrahedron 5-Compound is an arrangement of 5 interpenetrating tetrahedrons. It is also a stellation of an icosahedron.

Memo Line

The Tetrahedron 5-Compound is one of the more complex polyhedra on this site. It is also the one of the most difficult to assemble.

To create the Tetrahedron 5-Compound, you will need 20 nets. One page of the worksheet has 10 nets. Each net will create one vertex on one of the five tetrahedrons that make up the Tetrahedron 5-Compound. You may want to print 5 pages, each one a different color, so that each of the tetrahedrons can be made from a different color paper. Print the nets on card stock. The paper should be stiff, but not too thick.

Follow these directions for constructing polyhedra. You will need to cut 3 sizes of tabs.

A greater selection of polyhedron patterns can be made from Stella: The Polyhedron Navigator.