Table of Common Percents

The table will have commonly recognized percents and their fraction and decimal equivalents. Spaces can be left blank for the student to fill in.

Include 1/3, 2/3
Include 1/8, 3/8

If Percents are not Whole Numbers...

Truncate the decimal. (2/3 = 66%)
Truncate after 1 decimal place. (2/3 = 66.6 %)
Round to a whole percent. (2/3 = 67%)
Round to 1/10 percent. (2/3 = 66.7%)
Write percent as a mixed number. (2/3 = 66 2/3%)

Blank Spaces

Leave 1 item blank in every row.
Leave 2 items blank in every row.
Leave 1 or 2 items blank in every row.
Leave no items blank.


Show rows in order from smallest numbers to largest numbers.
Randomize the order of the rows.

Multiple worksheets

Create different worksheets using these selections.



Memo Line

Include Answer Key