Table of Common Percents

The table will have commonly recognized percents and their fraction and decimal equivalents. Spaces can be left blank for the student to fill in.

Include 1/3, 2/3
Include 1/8, 3/8

If Percents are not Whole Numbers...

Truncate the decimal. (2/3 = 66%)
Truncate after 1 decimal place. (2/3 = 66.6 %)
Round to a whole percent. (2/3 = 67%)
Round to 1/10 percent. (2/3 = 66.7%)
Write percent as a mixed number. (2/3 = 66 2/3%)

Blank Spaces

Leave 1 item blank in every row.
Leave 2 items blank in every row.
Leave 1 or 2 items blank in every row.
Leave no items blank.


Show rows in order from smallest numbers to largest numbers.
Randomize the order of the rows.



Memo Line

Include Answer Key