Pipe Layer

Size of the Game Grid

Memo Line


Pipelayer is a two person game played with two grids of dots that are slightly offset from one another, as shown in the example below. Each grid of dots is one dot longer in one dimension than the other dimension.

One player will take the black dots, and one player will take the white dots. Each player should also play with a different color pen or pencil.

The players take turns moving by connecting two dots of their own color. The dots must be adjacent horizontally or vertically. Diagonal plays are not allowed.

No move may draw across another move.

To win a player must make a continuous connection from one side of the board to the other in the long direction for his color of dots. For the blue player in the example this is from left to right; the red player is trying to connect top to bottom. The first player to make a continuous connection across his grid in the longer direction wins.

In this example, blue has won.