Numbers Written as Words

Digits to the Left of the Decimal

1  (Ones' place)
2  (Tens' place)
3  (Hundreds' place)
4  (Thousands' place)
5  (Ten-thousands' place)
6  (Hundred-thousands' place)
7  (Millions' place)
8  (Ten-millions' place)
9  (Hundred-millions' place)
10  (Billions' place)
11  (Ten-billions' place)
12  (Hundred-billions' place)

Digits to the Right of the Decimal

No digits to the right of the decimal
1  (Tenths' place)
2  (Hundredths' place)
3  (Thousandths' place)

The student writes...

Digits when given the number as words.
Words when given the number as digits.

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