Number of Problems

10 problems
20 problems


Whole Numbers
Negative Integers
Positive Fractions
Negative Fractions


Whole Numbers
     Include Zero
     Include One
Negative Integers
     Include Negative One
Positive Fractions
Negative Fractions
Positive Mixed Numbers
Negative Mixed Numbers

If exponents are fractions or mixed numbers...

Include fractions with numerators greater than 1.
Include problems with imaginary roots.

Though some problems may have more than 1 possible answer, the answer key only gives one answer for each problem. When there are multiple answers, the answer given is selected by these criteria:

Positive imaginary roots are prefered over negative imaginary roots.
Negative real roots are prefered over imaginary roots.
Positive real roots are prefered over negative real roots.
Problems with complex roots are not included on the worksheet.

Multiple worksheets

Create different worksheets using these selections.



Memo Line

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